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the mariner's grandson
Milan Gupta

About the Author

MILAN GUPTA is a first-time novelist, introducing The Mariner's
in 2020. He studied medicine at the University of Toronto and
continues to practice cardiology in Toronto, where he lives with his wife.



Milan was born in India but his parents immigrated to Canada when Milan was only a few months old. Since then, Toronto has been his home.


In high school, Milan wanted to pursue a career in journalism, but he was eventually drawn into the world of medicine. As a cardiologist and researcher, Milan has written over one hundred scientific papers, and lectures internationally on a variety of cardiovascular topics.


It was during the pandemic of 2020 that Milan finally found the time to pursue his love for fiction and writing. That effort led to his first novel, The Mariner’s Grandson, which was published in November, 2020.

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