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The Sun Has Set, My Friends

Four years of college go by in a flash, and then you move on. But what happens to the friends and lovers you leave behind?


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The Mariner's Grandson

Waking up before you die...

The next four days will change Duncan’s life.

Duncan Craig is divorced, lonely, and just turned fifty. He hasn’t been on a date in years and is stuck in a rut. Just as two new women enter his life, he learns he has pancreatic cancer.

Meanwhile, his father Jack, suffering from advanced dementia, is visited at his nursing home by a threatening stranger. As Jack’s fragmented memories slowly resurface, Duncan races to piece together Jack's untold past to identify the intruder. At each turn, he unearths a new clue that only deepens the mystery.

As he grapples with his cancer diagnosis, two love interests, his ailing father, and an unwelcome visitor, Duncan is taken on an unexpected, fast-paced journey of mystery, romance, and self-discovery.


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These Scars Called Home

What if you are toxic to the one you love?

Meet Cassie Martinez – intelligent, fierce, and independent. Her life, and her heart, are a strict no-enter zone for others. Mastering the art of survival at a young age, Cassie keeps her secrets close, and everyone else at bay. Looking out for herself, no matter what the cost. But then enters Ronnie Service. An introverted, socially-awkward man who gets nervous riding elevators alone. Asking Cassie to join him for an elevator ride, and here their journey begins.


Cassie and Ronnie come from entirely different worlds, both carrying hidden scars from their past. Scars that resurface as they discover each other, and themselves. As their pasts catch up to them, can they unlock the door to healing through friendship and love?


These Scars Called Home explores the burden of personal trauma, mental health, and emotional scars that can either threaten or secure a relationship. Is it truly possible to find hope far from home?

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The Sun Has Set, My Friends

Four years of college go by in a flash, and then you move on. But what happens to the friends and lovers you leave behind?

Joining his estranged father in a new city, Yash was starting freshman year alone. An introvert at heart, meeting new people was never easy. But within a few short months, things were looking up. Yash had a girl on his arm, and a new best friend.


Rich, confident, a ladies’ man, Jay was everything that Yash was not, Batman to his Robin. Playing second fiddle to Jay came with its perks though, and they were soon inseparable. Brothers more than friends, they ruled during those heady days of college.


Until they met Darby, an intense and independent young woman. Charting her own course for the sake of her autistic brother’s future, Darby was a no-nonsense girl who didn’t need distractions.


Together, they formed an unlikely trio, each with a silent truth that would decide their fate.

The Sun Has Set My Friends


About Milan


Forced by his wife to enter a short-story contest, Milan Gupta reluctantly started writing. Before he knew it, his short story was over 200 pages long. In other words, Milan had just written his first novel, The Mariner’s Grandson.

Barely one year later, Milan published his second novel, These Scars Called Home. He finally accepted that writing was in his blood, and that his wife had been correct all along. Milan now looks forward to the release of his latest novel, The Sun Has Set, My Friends.

When not conjuring up fictional characters, Milan passes his time by practicing cardiology in Toronto, where he lives with his wife and their two dogs. His three grown children are always nearby, as is his squash racquet and a glass of good scotch.

"A heartfelt story in which the love of family makes one man's pain easier to bear."
- Kirkus Reviews


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