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These Scars Called Home
What if you were toxic to the one you love?

Meet Cassie Martinez – intelligent, fierce, and independent. Her life, and her heart, are a strict no-enter zone for others. Mastering the art of survival at a young age, Cassie keeps her secrets close, and everyone else at bay. Looking out for herself, no matter what the cost.


But then enters Ronnie Service. An introverted, socially-awkward man who gets nervous riding elevators alone. Asking Cassie to join him for an elevator ride, and here their journey begins.


Cassie and Ronnie come from entirely different worlds, both carrying hidden scars from their past. Scars that resurface as they discover each other, and themselves. As their pasts catch up to them, can they unlock the door to healing through friendship and love?


These Scars Called Home explores the burden of personal trauma, mental illness, and emotional scars that can either threaten or secure a relationship. Is it truly possible to find hope far from home?