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The Mariner's Grandson

Waking up before you die...

The next four days will change Duncan’s life.

Duncan Craig is divorced, lonely, and just turned fifty. He hasn’t been on a date in years and is stuck in a rut. Just as two new women enter his life, he learns he has pancreatic cancer.

Meanwhile, his father Jack, suffering from advanced dementia, is visited at his nursing home by a threatening stranger. As Jack’s fragmented memories slowly resurface, Duncan races to piece together Jack's untold past to identify the intruder. At each turn, he unearths a new clue that only deepens the mystery.

As he grapples with his cancer diagnosis, two love interests, his ailing father, and an unwelcome visitor, Duncan is taken on an unexpected, fast-paced journey of mystery, romance, and self-discovery.

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these scars called home fiction